Misura 124.

The technique

The goal is to transfer and disseminate the knowledge acquired on the soil management techniques of the vineyard in the Valle del Belice. The results obtained in the last decade have shown that the technique of soil cultivation in the vineyard, even in dry and hot environments, is an effective solution to the inconveniences of "traditional" management.

400 wine-growing companies have been selected, diversified by morpho-pedelogical characteristics falling in the Valle del Belice area, for a total extension of 789 ha. The parameters, vine variety, irrigation, slope, vineyard age, vigor and productivity, were evaluated in order to select the grass species (in purity or in combination) and sowing densities.

Sowing was done between October and December, with a striped seed drill. The grassy species was shredded and overturned during the spring period to avoid any water competition and to bring biomass and nitrogen substances to the vineyard. To establish the optimal time, reference was made to the data from previous studies, as well as to further sampling of the inherent biomass present.

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